1. First time use

If there's only one active network adapter, current IP setting will be automatically loaded.

2. Apply profile

Press button of Apply

3. Create shortcut for each profile

Having entered valid IP Address and Subnet Mask , you create shortcut for each profile from menu of Create Profile Shortcut.

4. Load IP from existing setting

If there's at least one active network adapter, you can load existing IP setting from menu of Load IP From.

5. Set proxy

Check Use a proxy server and click Setttings and then set proxy in the following window.

6. Operate from sysetm tray

You may operate this tool in the system tray. However you can hide the tray icon through menu of View.

7. Export profiles

You may backup profiles through menu of Export Profiles.

8. Import profiles

You may restore from backup profiles through menu of Import Profiles.

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